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The Footfalls EP Microsite

To bridge the gap between the release of Sublimation and A Million Different Moments, we've decided to release a short EP collection of remixes, demos, and the like. We're doing this in the model of shareware - download the stuff, and if you like it, make a small donation ($2.50 would be grand) to help us cover the cost of doing this. If you can't swing $2.50 because you're a poor starving college student or something, then just drop us an email saying hi.

If you want to buy an actual physical copy of the CD, you can get it from Cafepress.com.

What you're getting:
First is a slightly revamped "single mix" of Footfalls (from Sublimation). Additionally are two remixes of this track, a clubbier mix by Epsilon Minus and a thrashy version from Stochastic Theory. For kicks we've included the demo version of "The Sad Truth" which differs in arrangement and programming from both the album and video versions and is a bit more roughly-produced (it is, after all, a demo) but does give a fairly accurate glimpse into the shaping of a Null Device song. As a taste of the upcoming album A Million Different Moments, we've included the very rockin' live version of "Easier", recorded live at The Inferno (at our first gig, no less), and a trancy mix of "Walk in London" by the ever-changing project Ensku.

Also available is the cover art for this CD, in the form of a few jpg files. (note: You may need to resize them if you want to print them out, as everybody's CD labelling software seems to handle this stuff slightly differently. However, the proportions should be correct for a standard jewel case.)

Download CD Tracks:

01: Footfalls (Single Mix)
02: Footfalls (Epsilon Minus mix)
03: The Sad Truth (demo version)
04: Footfalls (Stochastic Theory mix)
05: Easier (live)
06: Walk In London (Ensku's Underground Travelcard mix)


Purchase from Cafepress.com

Download CD Artwork:

CD Face - 300dpi (196k) - 72dpi (27k)
CD Cover - 300dpi (381k) - 72dpi (41k)
CD Tray Insert back -300dpi (455k) - 72dpi (60k)
CD Tray Insert inside - 300dpi (201k) - 72dpi (23k)

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special thanks to Nilaihah records and The Inferno